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It’s HUMP Day! It’s HUMP Day!

Spring-like Weather Forecast

Well, it looks as if we aren’t going to have to worry about freezing pipes for a while! The Weather Channel forecast for the next 10 days predicts lows will stay above freezing. Then the lows will dip into the 20’s for a while. So if you haven’t turned off your faucets since the last bitterly cold spell – you can turn them off now and save yourself some $DOUGH!

Weather Channel

The New Year

We are kicking off the NEW YEAR by churning out 1099’s for our owners and vendors so they can dig in and get those tax returns done. Tax time is SO exciting for all of us, right?!!

We Are Hard at Work

Also, our agents and staff are talking with and meeting owners to discuss our management services and their properties. Just today a property owner called and had been referred to us by a current management client. We are anxious to hear all the details about this new property and tell the owner all about the superior, professional service that we offer our owners!

Posted by: classic on January 18, 2017
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