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It’s February! Do you know where your groundhog is?

Happy Groundhog Day! Are you hoping Phil will see his shadow?

It’s February already! Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and we’ll find out how long winter is going to last! Punxsutawney Phil sees all and knows all when it comes to winter weather, right? At least that’s what we’ve heard. Did you know that you can actually watch a LIVE stream of Groundhog Day in PA including Phil’s appearance beginning tomorrow morning at6:00 am? Just follow the link below.

To our Valued Tenants: Please let us know if you see water stains.

Many of you are aware of this and have reported water stains in the past. Just in case you don’t know we WANT you to report a water stain on the wall or ceiling – an obviously wet area and/or brown circles or streaks. If left untreated a minor water leak can turn into a major problem and expensive damage. So please call the Repair Line (859-294-2377) or submit a maintenance request online if you see signs of water damage. It will save all of us from a big headache: it will save us from gathering multiple bids from contractors, scheduling the job, and making sure the work in complete and satisfactory; it will save you from the inconvenience of days or weeks of contractors coming and going; and it will save the owner of the property a lot of money!

Posted by: classic on February 1, 2017
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